'Marvel's Runaways': Old Lace Behind-The-Scenes Photo Released

Fans got their first, brief look at Old Lace when Marvel's Runaways debuted on Hulu last week and [...]

Fans got their first, brief look at Old Lace when Marvel's Runaways debuted on Hulu last week and now a new behind-the-scenes photo is providing a close-up look at Gert Yorke's pet dinosaur.

Ariela Barer, the actress who plays Gert in series, posted several behind-the-scenes photos on her Twitter account Sunday, including what appeared to be a selfie of herself in costume as Gert standing next to Old Lace. You can check it out below.

In the photo, Barer is standing with the animatronic puppet that, combined with CGI effects, brings the genetically engineered dinosaur character to life on the show. In the photo, Old Lace has same spikey "hair" and nose ring that the comic book version of the Deinonychus has. Barer shared the photo along with some other shots of herself with the more human cast of the show, expressing how the response to the Hulu series has been.

"Can't believe how incredible it is to hear everything you guys have to say about Runaways," she wrote. "All this love has just been so wonderful my heart is so full. If you guys want to keep watching & show ur support pls rate us 5 stars on rotten tomatoes and 10 stars on IMDB!"

While Old Lace made a brief debut in the third episode of the series, fans can expect to see more of the dinosaur as the series progresses. In comics the dinosaur, who is telepathically linked to Gert, becomes a regular part of the team. Of course, Gert is going to have to retrieve the dinosaur on the show. The prehistoric creature ran out of the Yorkes house when Gert and Chase opened the heavily fortified door keeping the creature contained in the family basement – but not before giving a hint at just how connected Gert and Old Lace are. Gert is able to calm the dinosaur down by calming herself down, too.

New episodes of Marvel's Runaways premiere Tuesdays on Hulu.