Only Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth Remain Undefeated in Superhero Fantasy Football League

You may not have pegged the likes of Deadpool and Thor to be incredibly savvy fantasy football players, but the actors behind the two characters are certainly proving their skills against their fellow Marvel stars. Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo, along with ESPN fantasy analyst Matthew Berry, put together a charity competition known as the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League, raising money for a variety of good causes while pitting superhero actors against one another in a beloved game. Some of the biggest comic movie stars in the world are taking part in this league, but Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth have risen above the rest.

Monday night's game between the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco brought an end to week five of the fantasy season, and after those five weeks, both Reynolds and Hemsworth remain undefeated. Chris Pratt was also 4-0 going into the weekend but he was defeated by Reynolds by a score of 99-93.

Hemsworth and Reynolds are the clear standouts so far this season, but their lead isn't too out of hand just yet. Pratt is just one game behind, as are Miles Teller and Matthew Berry. Each of those three competitors boasts a record of 4-1 heading into week six.

Outside of the five already mentioned, the only other player in the league with a winning record is Paul Rudd, who is currently sitting at 3-2. Anthony Mackie, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans are all 2-3, while Tom Holland, Karen Gillan, Michael B. Jordan, and Joe Russo are 1-4. Elizabeth Olsen is the only player without a win so far, even though her team has scored more points this season than five of her competitors.

The road to an undefeated season for Hemsworth and Reynolds won't get any easier in week six. Reynolds is playing Matthew Berry (4-1) and Hemsworth is taking on Pratt (4-1) in a battle of the Chris'.

Hemsworth is playing for The Australian Childhood Foundation and Reynolds is playing for the SickKids Foundation of Canada.

Do you think Reynolds and Hemsworth will remain undefeated after week six? Who do you think will win the whole league? Let us know in the comments!


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