New 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Plot Details Surface

We're starting to learn more about Solo: A Star Wars Story from the only consistent source of information about Lucasfilm's latest movie in the saga; from merchandise tie-in material.

Despite the beginning of the press tour for the movie, we still don't know much about the Han Solo spinoff. But some new details have come to light about the film's plot thanks to product descriptions about upcoming books and toys that will go on sale to promote the movie.

A children's book called "Train Heist" was found on Amazon, showing Chewbacca and Han Solo riding the double-sided train known as the Conveyex. The description names the snow planet in which this heist will take place, indicating that the new canon is once more cherry picking from the Legends stories. Here's what the blurb says:

Han Solo and Chewbacca the Wookiee must team-up for a daring train heist on the planet Vandor!

A planet called Vandor-3 previously appeared in the Jedi Apprentice series of novels, which chronicled the adventures of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It was previously home to the training grounds for the Clone Troopers who fought in the Clone Wars.

Fans also learned about the film's rumored villain Enfys Nest through the Force Link 2.0 action figure package, which reveals he'll be the leader of a swoop bike gang called the Cloud Riders. That name was also taken from Legends material, the Marvel Comics run on Star Wars.

It turns out Emilia Clarke's character Qi'Ra might have something to do with those villains as well.

The packaging for the younger version of the character, packaged as "Qi'ra (Corellia)," indicates that she might be involved with Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders, saying "At 18 years of age, young Qi'Ra is already enmeshed in a life of crime, working for a gang on Corellia."

She also appears to be the same version of the character shown in the speeder with Han Solo during the trailers for the film, indicating that the movie will begin in their earlier days before a time jump. This also teases that industrial-like setting from the trailers is likely to be Corellia.


At this point, we're learning more about the movie from all the tie-in material — which is par for the course for a Star Wars movie. Lucasfilm's secrecy tends to force people to look elsewhere. We'll find out how accurate this all turns out when Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters on May 25th.

(h/t SWNN)