Empire State Building Turns Red and Blue in Honor of Spider-Man: Far From Home

If you happen to be in New York City tonight, you might notice a slightly different light in the city's skyline, specifically when it comes to the Empire State Building. The iconic building is lighting up in the red and blue colors of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man tonight in honor of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The official Twitter account for the Empire State Building posted on Monday about the exciting colorful display, complete with a photo of the building all lit up as they noted their own Spidey senses were tingling. Check it out below.

On Monday, Spider-Man: Far From Home Tom Holland was joined by his co-stars Jacob Batalon and Zendaya in New York, turning on the lights of the Empire State Building together. The special lightning is in support not just of the upcoming Marvel Studios film, but also Holland's charity, The Brothers Trust. The Brothers Trust posted about the event on their blog, noting that the event was a moving one for them.

"Very grateful to The Empire State Building for helping to shine a light on The Brothers Trust today," the post, apparently written by Holland's mother, Nikki. "Many years ago, Dom and I were lucky enough to visit this iconic and beautiful building and could never have known at this time what lay ahead for us. We are so fortunate as a family and proud that with the support of Tom's fans, we are able to establish The Brothers Trust. The Empire State is a world landmark and indeed is now a landmark for our young charity also."

The special lighting of the Empire State Building is actually a very fitting way to honor The Brothers Trust. The charity aims to "shine a light on charities who struggle to be heard in the noisy and competitive not-for-profit sector -- and charities who can best demonstrate the most effective use of funds to profit the people in need and not on bloated administrations."

Holland regularly uses his celebrity status -- as well as his role as Spider-Man -- to help the organization do its work. Last summer, Holland took to social media to share that The Brothers Trust were sponsoring a contest to visit the set of the then-filming Spider-Man: Far From Home.

As for the Spider-Man element of the Empire State Building's special lightning, given that Spider-Man is a New York-based hero, it's always cool to see the popular Marvel character get a little real-life love from the city, even if Far From Home will take the hero on an adventure that is, well, far from home as Peter Parker and his friends head to Europe on a class trip.


What do you think about the Empire State Building lighting up in Spider-Man colors? Let us know in the comments below.

Spider-Man: Far From Home opens in theaters July 2.