Tom Holland Wants to See Spider-Man Fight Dinosaurs

Spider-Man: Far From Home has proved itself to be a pretty ambitious entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it sounds like the film's star wouldn't mind turning things up even more. In a recent interview with DigitalSpy, Peter Parker/Spider-Man actor Tom Holland spoke about what he would like to see in a hypothetical Far From Home sequel, and had a pretty specific answer. While some have speculated about Peter going toe-to-toe with the Sinister Six or some sort of other new foes, Holland wouldn't be opposed to having his character fight dinosaurs.

Yes, really.

"There is a Spider-Man comic where he's fighting Doc Ock in a private plane and he falls out of the plane into a jungle and then there's dinosaurs in the jungle and stuff," Holland explained. "That's what James Cameron's Spider-Man was going to be about. He wrote a Spider-Man script and it was about Spider-Man fighting dinosaurs I think. It'd be like Jurassic Park: Spider-Man Awakening or something like that."

As those who have seen Far From Home know, it's safe to assume that Peter realistically probably won't be headed to the land of the lost anytime soon. Still, it's hard to deny that the idea of that onscreen would be something else.

"I mean, I try to think about it one movie at a time," director Jon Watts said of a third movie in an interview last month. "We're definitely telling the story of this kid growing up, and we end the movie putting him in a very unique spot that we really haven’t seen Spider-Man in before in the films. So, I don’t know. For me, I’ll wait until the next one to start to figure out how we’re going to get to where I want it to end."

Thankfully, it sounds like we might not have to wait long to see what's in store for Spider-Man and the rest of the MCU, as those tied to Marvel Studios have hinted at more information soon coming to light.

"We’re waiting for Endgame and Far From Home to come out before we talk about what’s next officially." Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently told "We’re almost there. Far From Home is almost out. But all will be revealed.”


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Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters now.