Spider-Man's First Appearance In Amazing Fantasy #15 Sells For Record-Setting Comic Book Price Of $3.6 Million

Spider-Man is now the hero behind the biggest comic book sale in history. While Batman and Superman previously set records with the sales of their debut comics, Spider-Man has officially taken the crown, thanks to a recent sale by Heritage Auctions. Amazing Fantasy #15 is the first issue in which Spider-Man, Marvel's most iconic superhero, appeared in comics. A copy of the original issue was sold this week for a whopping $3.6 million, making it the most expensive single comic issue of all time.

The 1962 Marvel Comics issue breaks a record that was set by DC's Superman debut earlier this year. An issue of Action Comics #1, which debuted in 1938, previously sold for $3.25 million, which was the biggest sale at the time.

The issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 that broke the sales record this week is one of the highest-graded issues of that comic in the entire world. That specific issue is graded CGC 9.6, meaning it's in near mint condition. It is one of only four issues to receive that grading. There are no copies graded CGC 9.8, the next-highest grading on the scale.

Before this record-setting sale, the most expensive issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for $795,000 back in March 2020. That issue was graded CGC 9.4, so that one grade up really made a difference.

"What better book to break the record than the debut of Marvel's most beloved character, Spider-Man?" says Heritage Auctions Vice President Lon Allen. "Amazing Fantasy No. 15 is the Action Comics No. 1 or Detective Comics No. 27 of the next generation. I'm honored to have been a part of the most important comic book sale to date. In my 20 years at Heritage, to bring the most expensive book to market has been the pinnacle of my career."