Tom Holland Reacts to Gwyneth Paltrow Not Knowing She Was in Spider-Man

Marvel fans had a good laugh when Gywneth Paltrow appeared on an episode of The Chef Show with Marvel co-star Jon Favreau. Both actors appeared in Marvel’s Iron Man movies. They also both appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but when Favreau brought that fact up, Paltrow seemed oblivious to having appeared in a Spider-Man movie.

This moment is brought to Spider-Man star Tom Holland’s attention in an interview with GQ. When asked if Paltrow losing track of her films is a sign of how big the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become, Holland points out that he hasn’t had any problems keeping track of his own appearances.

“I mean, I always know what movie I'm in,” Holland says. “But I mean, you could be on set and you might not know what planet you're on or who you're fighting or who the superhero on your left is. But what's nice for me is that at the end of the day, I grew up a massive fan of these movies. So for me to get the chance to work on them but also kind of be in the dark as to the story, I can still kind of enjoy the film just as a fan, you know?”

Favreau was sympathetic to Paltrow’s confusion when asked about it in a separate interview. "She is the most focused person you'll ever meet, and the most talented actor you'll ever work with." Favreau revealed. "And it's very in the moment and very authentic and emotional, her portrayal. And I think that's part of why the MCU has been so successful is she really grounded and anchored it with Robert. But I know with Gwyneth, she also doesn't dwell on or look at her performances in the past. She'll show up at the premiere, she'll show up on set. She doesn't like to linger on playback or see things. Some actors, like me, I tend to like to look at the screen and watch what I did and come back, but she very much trusts the director. She does the work, she sees the film at the premiere, and then she moves on to other things."


"And also, I have to say, the Marvel universe over these past eleven years is very convoluted," Favreau added. "You know, all the different storylines and characters intersect. I could understand how it could sometimes be confusing."

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