J.J. Abrams' Spider-Man Kills Four Major Avengers

J.J. and Harry Abrams are now two issues into their Spider-Man limited series and now, the Avengers find themselves down a few members. Heads up, full spoilers for Spider-Man #2 incoming. As you know by now, the run has been taking place in an alternate universe of sorts where Ben Parker is the costumed hero Spider-Man instead of his father, Peter Parker. As Ben and Faye walk around town tagging various buildings, readers soon find out a few of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes have passed on in this version of the universe. In a panel, we see a panel including a billboard with Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow that showcases "the great departed."

It all but confirms the House of Ideas has given the Abrams free reign to flesh out their particular story as they see fit, although it's unclear how exactly this group of Avengers died — or if it is something that will be answered in a future book or in-canon story.

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(Photo: Sara Pichelli / Marvel Comics)

After Spider-Man #1 hit comic shops, Abrams explained the series' mysterious new villain Cadaverous.

“The story of Cadaverous doesn’t go exactly the way you might think it will,” J.J. said. “In the first issue, the intention was for him to be this horrific catalyst for this nightmare that not only the Parker family but also the city and the whole universe of superheroes goes through. You’re not meant to know much in the beginning. Without giving too much away, what I like about this character is the notion is he was named by the news, in the spirit of classic heroes and villains, but he’s this real mystery, and no one quite knows what he’s about or where he came from. The thing that makes any villain interesting is what’s behind their motivation. Where we go ultimately takes Cadaverous to places you would never expect when you first meet him.”

Spider-Man #2 is now available while Spider-Man #3 is due out November 27th. The full solicitation for #3 can be found below.


SPIDER-MAN #3 (of 5)
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