Spider-Man: No Way Home Leak Reveals Better Look at New Costume

Spider-Man: No Way Home has given fans a much better look at that new suit in a recent leak. [...]

Spider-Man: No Way Home has given fans a much better look at that new suit in a recent leak. Marvel fandom exploded today when a number of new LEGO sets were posted. Spidey, Doctor Strange, and their allies are posing as mini-figures and people can't stop speculating about what it means. @SpideyNews managed to repost those images of the new suit from the boxes. If you're not a fan of the color gold, you might be a little disappointed. It seems as though Tom Holland's new duds basically take parts from his Iron Spider armor from Avengers: Infinity War and the new suit from Spider-Man: Far From Home. The look is a little busy, but overall it's the kind of thing that will sell Halloween costumes and inspire wonderful fan art. Purists might not be inclined to enjoy that, but younger audiences probably won't mind as their minds are blown by the possibility of three Spider-Men on-screen together.

Comicbook.com previously talked with Julian Foddy from Industrial Light and Magic. That team helped define the look from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

"We really wanted to add in an extra level of detail that includes both the model and the textures. That carbon fiber-type specular response, which you mentioned there, that was something that, it was actually there in the textures that we ingested, but we tweaked the shade so it's likely to get more out of that," Foddy said. "It was something that Marvel responded to very well was to, 'We massage the look development to make the suit feel like it was even more beaten up and scratched than you saw in the first time in Infinity War.' Just to suggest that Peter has had this suit for a while and he's been through a few battles and it's picked up some damage along the way."

LEGO describes the Doctor Strange's action-packed HQ set down below:

"The Master of the Mystic Arts' cellar is filled with fun items to engage fans of the Marvel movies and encourage endless creative roleplay. There are cool tools, bicycles, a game controller, candelabra, boom box, mystical glowing stone, plus lots more magical surprises for kids to discover. The set includes 4 popular minifigures: Spider-Man, MJ, Wong – and Doctor Strange wearing the Cloak of Levitation. Play possibilities are expanded further with a buildable, giant bug monster with gripping claws. For more building fun, the free LEGO Building Instructions app includes digital Instructions PLUS, which allows kids to zoom, rotate and visualize their playset as they build."

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