Spider-Man: The Spider Within Spider-Verse Short Film Gets Synopsis

The Spider Within is being screened at the upcoming Animation Is Film Festival.

While Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was in theaters earlier this summer, fans of the franchise learned about a short film called The Spider Within that made waves at France's Annecy International Film Festival. The short takes fans into the mind of Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) as the pressures of being Spider-Man cause him to have a panic attack. The short film is set to screen at the upcoming Animation Is Film Festival, which just released a new description for the movie. The Spider Within will be screened at the TCL Chinese Theatres in Los Angeles on October 21st. 

"Miles Morales struggles to balance his responsibilities as a teenager, friend, and student while acting as Brooklyn's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. After a particularly challenging day living with these pressures, Miles experiences a panic attack that forces him to confront the manifestations of his anxiety and learn that reaching out for help can be just as brave an act as protecting his city from evil," the description reads. 

Animation Is Film Festival adds, "The Spider Within is the inaugural short of Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks's new LENS (Leading and Empowering New Storytellers) program. The program connects up-and-coming filmmakers from underrepresented groups with creative and executive leadership to produce a short film utilizing an existing pipeline from an upcoming feature film. This program will feature the North American Premiere of the film, followed by a panel with Jarelle Dampier (Director), Khaila Amazan (Writer), Clara Chan (VFX supervisor), and Joe Darko (animation supervisor), moderated by Michelle Raimo-Kouyate and David Schulenburg (Producers/LENS Program Creators)."

(Photo: Sony Pictures Animation)

The Spider Within Director Talks Mixing Spidey With Horror: 

"My favorite genre is horror," Jarelle Dampier recently told The Wrap. "I think it's the perfect envelope to give great messages out, especially to younger audiences, and I think it's something that we've kind of shied away from for a long time. But I think if you take a character that kids really love and you put that character in a thrilling situation, I think they get a lot out of it. I say kids, but really I'm talking about all of us. I'm talking about the kid inside of us, you know what I mean? The ability to use something scary with something we love, I think that's the combination to landing the points, sticking the landing in the film."

The Spider Within does not yet have a release date beyond its upcoming festival screening.