Stan Lee on What Marvel Character Is Most Reflective of Him

The creator of the Marvel Universe is looking at his creations to determine which was made closest [...]

The creator of the Marvel Universe is looking at his creations to determine which was made closest to his own image.

Stan Lee was a guest at Wizard World New Orleans over the weekend. During his panel, a fan asked which of Lee's creations was most like Lee himself.

"Well let's see, I have the power of Thor," Lee says. "I have the sophistication of Iron Man. I have the enthusiasm of Peter Parker. Who's the best looking one?"

Lee joked before finally settling on an answer.

"They're all a little bit of me because I make the damn things up."

Lee co-created Marvel's Thor with Jack Kirby. He co-created Iron Man with Kirby, Larry Lieber, and Don Heck. Lee and Steve Ditko created Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. These are just a few of the many Marvel Characters Lee created.

Lee seemed to have a good time at Wizard World New Orleans. He even stopped for a photo with Aquaman star Jason Momoa.

Lee may have needed a weekend to get his mind off of the theft of $300,000 from his bank account. Rumors suggested Lee's people believed the theft to be an inside job. A more recent report suggests a thief used $850,000 stolen from Lee to buy a West Hollywood condominium.

Dealing with this is likely not how Lee wanted to spend his 95th birthday. Instead, Lee celebrated by appearing on Jeopardy. Lee also received birthday wishes from Kevin Smith and many others.

In early 2018, Lee predicted that Disney would get the rights to the X-Men back from Fox. That premonition seems to have come true with Disney purchasing most of 21st Century Fox. Lee called the deal "A truly great piece of news!"

"Now characters such as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four can come home to the place where they belong," Lee said. "It's vitally important to have the Marvel characters under one roof. And now, as great as they were before, I can't wait to see the wonders that will unfold!

Lee is known for his Marvel movie cameos. Look for his next in Black Panther, opening February 16th.