Sunspot Fires Up in The New Mutants TV Spot

It's just a matter of weeks before we finally get the long-awaited X-Men movie spinoff The New Mutants in theaters, capping off the decade-spanning franchise that helped kick off the current craze for superhero movies. But as the X-Men era comes to an end at 20th Century Studios, fans can expect a horror-influenced superhero movie that's unlike anything previously seen in the franchise. Fans will finally get to see how it all comes together, and now we're getting some new glimpses at the film courtesy of some brand new TV spots for the upcoming movie.

We get a few fresh looks at Roberto AKA Sunspot powering up, as well as shots of Magik and Cannonball that we've yet to see. Check it out in the clip below:

It sounds like The New Mutants will be a surprise for many X-Men fans who have been patiently waiting for the film despite multiple lengthy releases. And even though there have been rumors about reshoots and rewrites planning to make a completely different version of the movie, actress Anya Taylor-Joy has said that this take on the movie is exactly what filmmaker Josh Boone always intended.

"I have seen the final cut of the movie, which was really nice because Josh is really happy with it and it was just nice to get the gang all together again," Taylor-Joy explained to Collider. "It felt like this imaginary friend that you keep telling people is real but other people haven't seen it yet, and now I'm like, 'No, I told you! It's a real thing.' I don't really know how to feel about a lot of things right now."

Co-star Maisie Williams acknowledged that there are a lot of rumors and hearsay swirling about the movie right now, but she said that The New Mutants does not deserve the negative reputation that some fans might associate with the film.


“It’s been a long time coming, we shot it many years ago, but I’m really proud of it finally coming out,” Williams said during Sky’s Up Next event. “It was a lot to do with the merger, I think it [the film] had a really bad rep and people thought there was going to be something wrong with it, but I honestly think it was just really badly affected by something that was out of our control."

The New Mutants premieres in theaters on April 3rd.