'The Gifted' Season 1 Episode 10: "eXploited" Recap With Spoilers

Two months ago, Senator Montez is campaigning for re-election at a rally on a platform of human rights, human choices, and a mutant-free society. He is scheduled to meet with Trask Industries. He talks to a staffer named Stephanie until he gets a phone call. Stephanie is telepathically warned to run just before Montez is warned of mutants infiltrating his campaign. Sentinel Services raids the area, but Stephanie is already gone.

In the present day, Polaris wants to attack Sentinel Services but the Struckers are worried about their children. Thunderbird silences the room and tries to unify everyone, but it only goes so far. After a bit more arguing, they all agree to a plan to work together to get everyone home.

Andy is becoming anxious in his cell. As he becomes agitated, his power flare up and his collar shocks him. Andy blames himself for them be captured because he backed out of using his and Lauren's powers together, but Lauren tells him he did the right thing.

Turner questions Dreamer, but she's stonewalling him. Turner tells Dreamer that she took his memories of the last few days of his daughter's life. Dreamer says it was an accident and apologizes. Turner doesn't want an apology, he wants her to pay and for her to know that it's extremely personal for him. Turner lets her know that he plans to send her to the Hound program.

Turner watches as another agent interrogates Blink. He tells her that this is her last chance to make a deal. She doesn't bite. Turner calls Dr. Campbell, who recovered from his hospital visit quickly with the help of a mutant asset, as painful as it was. Turner wants to send the adult prisoners to Campbell. Campbell insists that the Strucker kids be included. Turner agrees.

Reed and Caitlin are running down a list of contacts who might be able to help them. Esme uses her telepathic abilities to see into Reed's mind and grab images of Jace and Sentinel Services. Esme walks into the room and says she think an attack is a bad idea and that this is a human problem that needs a human solution. She suggests contacting Agent Turner. They're reluctant, but Esme says even prison beats being turned into a Hound.

Eclipse checks on Polaris, who is frustrated with relying on the Struckers. Eclipse tells her not to be too hard on them, but Polaris doesn't want to give them a pass for what they did in their past. Eclipse notes that their children are in custody, but Polaris is more concerned with her and Eclipse's child.

Dreamer tells Blink about a time before anyone knew she was a mutant when she worked a women's shelter and used her powers to take bad memories away. She wishes she could do the same for them, but Blink tells her not to give up. Blink reminds Dreamer that Thunderbird loves her and he'll come for them. They just need to hang on until then.

Reed and Caitlin debate whether they should go to Turner. They decide to sneak out and go to Turner's home without telling any of the mutants.

Andy and Lauren are brought to Campbell. He's had them put in special uniforms so that he can test their ability to use their powers in tandem. He brings them to a room built with adamantium for testing, but they refuse to use their powers for him.

Reed and Caitlin head to Turner's home. Caitlin has a gun with her.

Eclipse and Polaris are planning a possible attack on Sentinel Services when Esme interrupts them and tells them that the Struckers left to go see Turner.

Jace is at home trying to relax after a long day. His wife tries to get him to talk about it but he says he can't She tries to encourage him. The doorbell rings as the Struckers arrive to talk.

Thunderbird is told about the Struckers and Esme continues to play both sides. They decide they need to come up with a plan in case Turner tries to move the prisoners tonight.

The discussion at Turner's home gets off to the tense start. Reed tries to appeal to Turner's feeling as a parent. Turner is unmoved and says everything going on at Trask is approved by Congress.

Polaris and Eclipse debate what to do. Eclipse is worried about how things will escalate if they strike at Sentinel Services and Trask. Polaris doesn't want to live in fear.

Lauren and Andy are still in the adamantium room. Lauren knows whatever Campbell wants them to use their powers for isn't good. The screen comes on and Campbell appears. He has Blink and Dreamer and grabs a gun. He tells them again to show him their powers. Dreamer tells them not to do anything for him. Dreamer speaks up again and Campbell turns and shoots Dreamer through the chest.

Campbell points the gun at Blink and order Lauren and Andy to face the sensors an activate their powers. The Struckers hold hands and their powers activate, surging all around them. They aim their power at the sensors and the power reaches the equipment's upper limits. The supposedly indestructibly room begins to buckle just before the Struckers powers down. Campbell order their collars turned back on and for them to be taken back to their cells and be given something good to eat. The adamantium wall has been warped.

Reed continues to try to debate Turner about Trask Industries and their children. Caitlin takes over trying to talk after Reed becomes frustrated. Caitlin tells Turner about what she saw with Chloe, the drugs, and the mental conditioning. She tells them that's a fate worse than death and then the Struckers leave. Jace immediately reaches for a phone to call for a team to follow the Struckers, but his wife is upset by what she heard and what Jace may be doing in their daughter's name.

Lauren is upset. She believes Dreamer died for nothing since she told them not to use her power and then they did anyway. Lauren has lost hope. She believes they've already given Campbell whatever he was after.

Campbell seems to agree. He believes he's found a permanent solution to their mutant problem. Sentinel Services arrives and looks at the damage caused by Struckers. Turner says he's taking the mutant. He asks what happened to Dreamer and Campbell says she didn't survive an experiment. Turner is taking all of the prisoners with him.

Thunderbird receives word from Shatter that Sentinel Services is going to transport the prisoners. The Mutant Underground hatches a plant that involves Esme getting close enough to read a guard's mind. Shatter fills in the Mutant Underground team about what he saw. Thunderbird senses that the prisoners are on the move.

The Struckers return to the Mutant Underground headquarters. The mutants are angry at them, but they're confused about why Esme would rat them out when the plan was her idea. They promised Turner they wouldn't attack, but the Mutant Underground is already poised for action.


Eclipse take a look at the prisoner convoy. Esme comes up behind him and tasers him. She uses her power to get one of the Sentinel Services officers to turn off the prisoner collars. She has the bus driver shoot the guards on the bus and then himself. Jace's right-hand man does the same, shooting Jace in the should then himself in the head. The guards all turn on each other and themselves, massacring each other.

The prisoners begin to move their collars and make their escapes. Two women identical to Esme step off the bus and all use telepathic abilities to control the guards. The telepathic triplets tell the prisoners to follow them.