'The Gifted' Season 2 Will Explore Polaris' Comics Accurate Origin

The Gifted is going to explore Lorna Dane’s origin story in its second season, and FOX’s [...]

The Gifted is going to explore Lorna Dane's origin story in its second season, and FOX's series is drawing straight from Marvel's X-Men comics for Polaris' backstory.

Emma Dumont plays Polaris on The Gifted. Speaking to ComicBook.com during a visit to the show's Atlanta set, Dumont hinted that a season two episode of the series will touch on Lorna's past.

"Later on in the season, there's an entire episode dedicated to Lorna's background, how she gets the way she is, how she grew up, and there are even references to how her parents passed in the plane crash, which we know, comic book readers know, that that was because of Lorna," Dumont said. "It was her fault. So that's very tragic."

This is a reference specifically to X-Factor #243, which revealed Lorna's true history. Polaris' title as "the daughter of Magneto" was originally symbolic and based on her having magnetic powers like those of Magneto. X-Factor #243 revealed that the people Lorna Dane believed were her parents were actually her aunt and uncle.

Lorna's real mother had an affair with Magneto. When Lorna was 3-years-old, her father found out about the affair and confronted his wife about it while the entire family was flying in his private airplane. The resulting argument caused Lorna so much stress that it triggered an early manifestation of her mutant powers, turning her hair green and setting off a magnetic pulse that killed her parents and destroyed the plane they were in.

Luckily for Lorna, her biological father is the master of magnetism. Magneto sensed her magnetic power and investigated. He was able to save Lorna but decided that she wasn't ready for the kind of life that would come from growing up by his side. He had Mastermind, a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with illusory powers, alter Lorna's memory so that she wouldn't remember Magneto, her real parents, or have access to her mutant powers. It wasn't until Lorna's first encounter with the X-Men years later that these memories began to unlock, and not until several years after that that she learned the entire truth.

How much of that origin story makes it into The Gifted beyond the plane crash remains to be seen, but Polaris is living up to her father's legacy in other ways.

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