‘The Punisher’ Star on Karen Page’s Role in Season 2

The Punisher star Jon Bernthal hints Daredevil's Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) will be involved in a smaller capacity in the series' upcoming sophomore season.

"[Woll] is the best. I have the utmost respect for her," Bernthal told Collider when asked about the continued relationship between his Frank Castle and Page in Season Two.

"She's not just so talented and awesome she's just so f—ing intelligent. She elevates everything. My major complaint would be I just want more of her. I would love the whole thing to be just about that relationship."

Castle instead gets a new sort-of partner-in-crime in the form of wayward teen Amy (Giorgia Whigham), whose troubles set the events of the season into motion.

"The most interesting relationships to me, the most interesting art to me, are the ones that don't have a name. That's all that Deb and I have been trying to achieve with me and Karen. It's not saying, 'Okay, this is what they are.' That literally changes from scene to scene and moment to moment," Bernthal said.

"I think he hears this opportunity to work with this young woman and as they discover more about each other it runs the gamut. It can be anything. The minute you start limiting what a relationship can be and classifying it, it just becomes far less interesting. I think that's true in life, too. When you meet somebody, anything is possible. Especially when you're dealing with a bunch of people who have both been through a sh-t ton. The possibilities are endless of what those two people could end up meaning to each other. It changes from moment to moment.

"I really enjoy working with Georgia just for that. Because a lot of everything I lost is in her but everything I maybe secretly, quietly I hope to gain is in her as well."


Following Netflix's surprise cancellation of the acclaimed Daredevil shortly after the debut of its third season in October, Woll said she was "so sad that we won't be continuing this story," before noting showrunner Erik Oleson helped the show go out "on a high."

The Punisher Season Two debuts January 18 exclusively on Netflix.