'Iron Man' Writer Teases New Suit

Iron Man will be getting what may be his most exciting new armor yet in an upcoming issue of Tony [...]

Iron Man will be getting what may be his most exciting new armor yet in an upcoming issue of Tony Stark: Iron Man.

Writer Dan Slott recently posted an update to his Facebook page after returning home from a two-week trip to London. In the post, he shared that he worked on both of his big ongoing titles for Marvel Comics, Fantastic Four and Tony Stark: Iron Man, while overseas. He also teased that Tony Stark: Iron Man artist Valerio Schiti has created a bold new Iron Man armor for an upcoming issue of the series.

"The 2 weeks I was away, I wrote over a third of a future triple-sized FF issue. And the next Tony Stark: Iron Man issue," Slott shared. "And, Dear God, within a day Valerio designed the suit of armor for it-- and it is my FAVORITE suit of armor he's come up with to date. I seriously want a toy of this!!! - Here, I'll show you ONE boot. Because that doesn't give anything away."

Here's that boot:

Slott and Schiti have introduced a number of specialty armors already in the two issues of Tony Stark: Iron Man released so far, so it seems likely that this will be another such armor rather than a redesign of Tony's main suit. Still, for Slott ot be this excited about it means it is probably something for Iron Man fans to look forward to.

Slott and Schiti launched Tony Stark: Iron Man as part of Marvel's "fresh start." When the series was announced, Slott described his approach to the character as a cross between Black Mirror and Rick and Morty while Schiti described his visual approach as drawing inspiration from everything from "animated series like Transformers, [to] manga like Gundam or Ghost in the Shell, to robots like Mazinger Z or Steel Jeeg. In the movies Tony Stark creates and collects his armor in his garage, like some sort of petrolhead. So I immediately looked for race cars. But then I thought: why just cars? So now I have hundreds of images of planes, boats, spaceships, factory robots, prototypes…my Pinterest folders are exploding!"

He also said that readers could expect to see "hundreds of different armors in this series. To me this is heaven. To do new designs is one of my favorite things in comics, and here I have the chance to play with such an iconic character, to try different styles, to use classic suits, and to create new and extraordinary armors."

You can read ComicBook.com review of Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 here.

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Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 and #2 are both on sale now. Tony Stark: Iron Man #3 goes on sale Aug. 15th.