'Venom's Michelle Williams Says She Is Ready to Play She-Venom

Ever since Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams was cast in Venom, Marvel fans have been speculating that her character, Anne Weying, was being positioned for a larger role in the Spider-Man spinoff franchise. In Marvel Comics lore (and the film), Weying is the lawyer ex-wife (or girlfriend) of Eddie Brock/Venom, who eventually gets a symbiote suit of her own and becomes the first character to hold the mantle of "She-Venom."

During Comicbook.com's time at the Venom movie press junket, we had a chance to sit down with Michelle Williams and talk about Anne Weying's future in the franchise. According to Williams, she's totally ready to take on the challenge of She-Venom:

"I actually only had one girl come up to me and say 'She-Venom... Man that is so cool.' Maybe once the movie [Venom] opens, then maybe more comic book fans will let me know more about this world."

When pressed on how she would deal with taking on a role with as much headlining exposure, as well as a combination of physical and effects-driven acting, Williams states that she's open to the challenge:

"I like anything that I haven't done before - anything that's new to me. I've been doing this for twenty-five years, I've been acting, so anything that's like 'Oh wow that's so cool! I haven't done something that's super physical; I haven't done something that involves a lot of technology!' that sounds really exciting to me because I don't know anything about it."

Finally when asked how she we face the task of creating almost bi-polar mental conflict between symbiote and host, Williams confidentially stated, "Gimmie a challenge."

Indeed, Venom is almost courting more fan anticipation for what its sequel film(s) could be, rather than what we're getting in this initial origin story. Michelle Williams playing She-Venom is definitely one exciting possibility - assuming her character survives. In the comics, Anne Weying commits suicide based on her association with Venom and the brutal acts her She-Venom commits, so a tragic death is definitely already in the cards for her. But assuming she is in sequels, it wouldn't definitely be a shame not to "challenge" an actress of Williams' caliber.

The other big exciting setup Venom teases is Woody Harrelson's character. While the person he's playing hasn't yet been named, it's widely speculated that he's actually Cletus Kasady, a deranged serial killer who gets possession of his own symbiote and becomes the nightmarish monster known as Carnage. With Harrelson already teasing his potential role in Venom 2, fans have good reason to be excited. A sequel with Carnage and She-Venom would be an easy sell for Sony.


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Venom invades theaters on October 5th.