Venom 2: Tom Hardy Teases Spider-Man Crossover Soon (Exclusive)

Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis seem to be quite confidently teasing a future crossover between Venom and Spider-Man in the movies. The two characters go hand in hand on the pages of Marvel Comics but whether or not they would cross paths in a film has remained a mystery. Many wonder if the Disney-owned Marvel Studios and Sony-owned Spider-Man character of Venom would collaborate again, having struck multiple deals in the past near-decade which have seen Tom Holland's Spider-Man join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Avengers heroes but, so far, showing no signs of Venom being a part of that cinematic world. Now, the symbiote might be on its way to being included in the party.

Ahead of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Hardy had offered up some Spider-Man and Venom teases on his social media accounts. In a posted-and-instantly-deleted piece of fan art, Hardy shared a piece that saw Venom crunching his jaw down on Spider-Man. While talking to in an exclusive interview, Hardy opened up about the post. "That is like little Spidey legs hanging outside the mouth of Venom, isn't it?" the Eddie Brock actor said. "That's wish fulfillment, that. What does it look like?"

The art was posted back in April of 2020. It was deleted nearly instantly, prompting screenshots and excitement to circulate. Check out the art for yourself below!

"Of course, it's in our minds all the time," Hardy added. "Look at the photo! That's little Spidey legs hanging out of the teeth of Venom. It's really... It's really specific. It's like a Kabib call out." Hardy does note, he wants to see Venom take a bite out of Spider-Man but not Tom Holland. "Actually, just the Spider-Man, love Tom," he said. "You know what I mean?"

Still, the Spider-Man connections are not going to be from social media teases only. Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis chose to incorporate a familiar design for the film in the form of the Daily Bugle logo. The famous J. Jonah Jameson-lead media outlet in the Marvel universe was featured in the original Spider-Man trilogy which starred Tobey Maguire under the direction of Sam Raimi. With Raimi back to direct next year's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, his Bugle logo also returns in this Venom sequel.

"We wanted to tease little teasey, teasey things but this one was always gonna not venture too much into that territory because there was so much to unpack in this story," Serkis said. 

"I think you can't do a Venom story without knowing Spider-Man is in the mix," Hardy concluded. "He's somewhere. But we all know there's a big constellation of events, you know, that need to move and operate around. As grown ups, we have to go, 'Okay, we wait.' We wait for those planes to land and when they land, we'll see if we can get on one but until then we focus on the task at hand which is Venom 2. But it's always in the back of our minds, you know? 'When do I get to eat the Spider-Man?'"

Do you want to see Venom and Spider-Man cross paths in the movies? Perhaps he can fill out the Sinister Six that seems to be forming for Spider-Man: No Way Home? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!