Vincent D'Onofrio Reveals Who Would Win In A Fight Between Kingpin and Thanos

Vincent D'Onofrio revealed who would win in a fight between Kingpin and Thanos. With the villain's entrance into the MCU after Hawkeye, a lot of fans have been stacking Wilson Fisk up against some of the other big evil forces in the franchise.'s ComicBook Nation podcast had the chance to catch up with D'Onofrio during this week's episode and he was asked about how Kingpin handled The Snap. In addition, our Adam Barnhardt asked about that fight in the cage. To no one's surprise, the Fisk actor is taking himself. But, there were some stipulations we laid out. Just in the cage, with no weapons or aid. That would at least give Kingpin a route to victory rather than being dealt with by the Infinity Stones in short order. Still, the star was not lacking confidence when it came to this one. 

D'Onofrio succinctly said, "I mean, there's nobody that can beat Fisk. Nobody."

That's pretty authoritative. But, that wasn't the only piece of wisdom the Kingpin actor was ready to share. In the podcast, he also discussed the oft-debated MCU continuity questions now plaguing the franchise. The multiverse is wide open now and that means Charlie Cox is back as Daredevil. But, where do these things begin and end? Are these the same Matt Murdoch and Wilson Fisk from the Netflix series? If you ask the star, yes they are.

Some detractors would point to that staggering strength on display in the Hawkeye finale as proof of something else going on. But, he told our panel that there was precedence for that wild display during the Disney+ series. In actuality, a similar fight occurs during the first season of Daredevil.

"You know I learned recently, a couple of the fans, they were very excited about it, they were commenting about the strength that I have," D'Onofrio explained. "Because I'm throwing Kate [Bishop] around and stuff. But, I totally forgot. I just saw a clip on Twitter of me and Charlie [Cox] fighting in [Stephen] DeKnight's first season. Obviously, he's an incredible director. He helped develop the character of Wilson Fisk."


"There's a scene that we shot on an alley, in a street in Brooklyn, where I'm literally throwing Daredevil (Charlie) through the air," he added. "Like, I'm picking him up and swinging him 15 feet into a garbage can. I do it a few times in that fight. It's no different, it's really not. So, I keep saying that it's the same Fisk that was in DareDevil. It's the same canon, but people get confused about things. I understand."

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