WandaVision: Elizabeth Olsen Initially Thought Evan Peter's Casting Meant X-Men Universe Was Merging Into MCU

WandaVision's series finale left some Marvel Cinematic Universe disappointed, but the one reveal [...]

WandaVision's series finale left some Marvel Cinematic Universe disappointed, but the one reveal that caused the most controversy was no doubt Evan Peters Quicksilver. As it turns out, "Uncle Pete" was not a milestone signifier that the X-Men have entered the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, where the Avengers films and Fox's X-Men movies could co-exist. Instead, Evan Peter's Quicksilver was revealed to be "Ralph Bohner" a local actor that evil witch Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) enchanted into being her spy/servant. However, it turns out that Evan Peters' casting as Quicksilver even fooled WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen into thinking the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse was happening!

In a new interview with Variety, Elizabeth Olsen recounted her fangirl-level of excitement, when she learned that Evan Peters was joining WandaVision as Quicksilver:

"When we heard that Evan was going to do it, my mind was blown. "This is the first time we're merging! This is crazy!" Olsen recalls.

Of course, the excitement didn't last long. Yet, Olsen apparently loved the twist behind Evan Peters' stunt casting a whole lot more than most Marvel fans did:

"... To use it in such a clever way as Jac [Schaeffer] does was so satisfying. Working with Evan playing this version of Pietro [laughing] was just so fun and weird and funny and oh God, Jac I loved it so much. I'm so grateful for that."

(Photo: WandaVision / X-Men)

The WandaVision cast and crew have been towing the company line when it comes Evan Peters' Quicksilver casting in WandaVision. Evan Peters spoke up before the finale episode, saying: "I just want to say, dude, I am such a huge fan of the Marvel Universe. It was so cool to come over there and hang out with all those guys. That was freaking awesome."

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said, "That's one of the fun things about developing these things or blue-skying it in the rooms. My favorite part of the process is always the very, very beginning when we're figuring out what something could be and at the very, very end when we're refining it and putting it out into the world. So there were all sorts of discussions, but I believe we ended up going with what you saw relatively early on in the development process. It's just another way that certain people were messing around with Wanda."

The "Agatha All Along" reveal behind Evan Peters' Quicksilver may have become a no. 1 hit song - but the reveal itself remains pretty low on Marvel fans' list. Having Evan Peters' Quicksilver revealed as "Ralph Bohner" (a penis joke no less), will live in infamy alongside Ben Kingsley's "Mandarin" in Iron Man 3. And Ralph Bohner will likely always been seen as worse since fans had to live with that theory for weeks before getting disappointed.

Like Elizabeth Olsen, we just want this Marvel Cinematic Multiverse to happen, already!

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