WandaVision: Tom Holland Teases His Spider-Man Could Be Secret Cameo

WandaVision is due for a cameo which is going to rock the worlds of Marvel fans if all of the hype [...]

WandaVision is due for a cameo which is going to rock the worlds of Marvel fans if all of the hype from cast members in interviews is to be believed. Could it be a new character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Could a familiar face be showing up? With only two episodes remaining in the series, no one knows for sure. None of that is stopping Tom Holland from having some fun with it, though. The actor who portrays the MCU's Spider-Man is currently making the rounds to promote his upcoming movie Cherry but finds himself talking about Marvel, to the extent that he is now teasing himself being the big cameo appearance fans have been looking forward to in WandaVision.

"I'm obsessed with it," Holland told Playlist of WandaVision. "It's my favorite Marvel thing I've ever seen."

The clues we have in regard to the big cameo which has been hyped up throughout WandaVision's press tours are that it is comparable to Luke Skywalker showing up in The Mandalorian and that it is someone Vision actor Paul Bettany has never worked with before. "I've never worked with Paul," Holland is quick to point out. They have been in the same movie but never the same scene. "We've never been on set together, so it could be me," Holland joked.

More honestly, Holland admits he has no idea who the cameo is going to be and he doesn't want to start throwing out names because he doesn't want anybody getting mad at him. "Oh, do you know what, don't have a Scooby to who it might be, I really don't," Holland says. "And I don't want to say it in case I'm right, and people think I spoiled it. Because people think I have inside information. So I'm going to have to keep my mouth shut there. I honestly haven't a clue who it might be."

Who do you think will be the big cameo coming to WandaVision before the show wraps up and leads into Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!

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