'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Tracking for Lowest Opening of Franchise

The first long-range box office tracking out for Dark Phoenix and it isn't looking bright for the last proper X-Men film from Fox as new reports from Boxoffice suggest the movie is on pace to gross between $40m-$55m in its debut outing. Should the film end up on the lower end of that scale, it'd be the lowest grossing X-Men opening weekend of all-time. In fact, it'd make upwards of $13m less than James Mangold's The Wolverine, the film currently in the last spot on the list.

Right out of the gates, it should be noted that a lot can happen between now and the first weekend of June, though tracking of this nature is typically accurate, more or less. Though many studios would be thrilled with an opening weekend grossing $40m, it's on the lower end of superheroes movies, especially in the day of team-up blockbusters. On the flip side, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 reign supreme in the franchise rankings, grossing $132m and $125m, respectively, during opening weekend.

X-Men franchise architect Simon Kinberg previously told ComicBook.com that Dark Phoenix had always been planned as the end of the main X-Men property, even before the Disney acquisition came into mind.l

"From the beginning of conceiving what we were going to do with this film and writing it, which was three plus years ago, so long before there was a Disney merger, I felt like this was the natural culmination for this cycle of X-Men movies," Kinberg explained. "Because it is seeing this family that you've come to love and know for how ever many films, and if you count the originals almost 20 years now, you see that family tested in a whole new way. You see that family start to fall apart in a real way for the first time, ultimately come back together.

Dark Phoenix is due out June 7th.

How much money do you think Dark Phoenix will make in its opening weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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