'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Footage Description From NYCC

Lucky Marvel fans in attendance at New York Comic Con were treated to a special look at the upcoming X-Men movie, showing Jean Grey's evil transformation in Dark Phoenix.

Fans who went to 20th Century Fox's presentation at NYCC saw director Simon Kinberg take the stage with Sophie Turner and Tye Sheridan, who play Jean and Cyclops respectively in the new film.

"The X-Men are known to the world, they're actually super heroes," Kinberg said at the panel. "We see them on a mission and we see what starts to create the fracture in Jean. It's got big action. It's also got the action, the drama in it." Although the visual effects are not finished, "they will give you a sense of what it will look like"

Despite the movie's delay, they still screened a major chunk of footage, and ComicBook.com's own Brandon Davis was on hand to document the exclusive preview.

Here's what he said about the Dark Phoenix footage:

A space ship blasts off after a countdown. It rockets into space. The footage is dated. In a control room, a woman stands above people who are watching. A man picks something up on his radar. Then another. They report their findings to the woman. The astronauts call a problem to Houston.

Proessor X and Beast are watching from the X-Mansion. Hank insists they can't get involved with this because they're not built to fly.

The President gives Charles a call from a phone designated with a "X" from his Oval Office.

Mystique leads Nightcrawler, Beast, Quicksilver, Cyclops, and Jean on the mission. Jean is reluctant, asking Mystique if she is okay with it. Mystique insists that if anything goes wrong, she'll turn them around.

The basketball court at the mansion splits, allowing the jet to rise up, unfold its wings, and take off.

News outlets report the second ship heading towards the space shuttle. Charles rides into Cerebro. He asks for information from NASA. He learns the team lost control, orientation, and communication. He assures her: "Help is on the way."

The jet races into the sky. Scott tries to calm Jean with a hand on her shoulder. The jet reaches space and gets ice on its glass as it slows. They approach a golden, glowing entity near the atmosphere, seeing the space shuttle doing donuts in air. Beast explains that the cabin won't hold for long. Nightcrawler can't see in a window to get inside.

Scott goes below deck to blast the shuttles engine to stop its spin. Kurt, seeing inside now, takes Peter and heads in. Storm seals the cracks. It's all under Mystique's orders. Peter grabs all of the astronauts and brings them to Kurt. On the jet, the astronaut declares their commander is still on the shuttle.

Charles orders them to get the commander and asks Jean to hold the ship together. She can only do it from inside. Quicksilver creates a space suit for Nightcrawler. Jean keeps air near herself. They have transported to the ship. The golden entity is approaching. Nightcrawler finds the commander as Jean holds it together. He tries to get Jean back but the golden flares consume her.

Scott is furious when he sees Jean did not get back to the ship with them. Jean absorbs the other half of the force which was headed towards her friends. She screams in pain. Charles sees it. A massive flash erupts and Jean is left floating through space as the last rays of the force enter through various parts of her body. The X-Men look on, stunned. Nightcrawler teleports out to rescue her and brings her back. Scott, shocked, is the first to look at her. She opens her eyes, revealing a slight gold glow which fades quickly. "Is everybody okay?" she asks.

Scott tells her everyone is good and she is now ready to go home. The X-Men head back to Earth, being greeted by dozens of fans, holding signs reading, "X-Men 4 Ever" and offering tons of applause. Kids have Mystique dolls. There are fans everywhere. Jean takes it in before getting more applause upon arrival at the X-Mansion.

Charles relays the President's regards, encourages everyone to enjoy themselves, and cancels class for the day. The kids hustle away before Charles asks Jean how she is feeling. She's fine but Mystique insists, "She should be dead."

"They're not kids anymore, Raven," Charles tells her. She, however, questions the risks he has them taking. "It's all just a means to an end," Charles said. "We're one bad day away from them seeing us as the enemies again." Raven hates their conforming and uniforms but Charles calls it "a small price to pay."

Raven closes the conversation by saying, "And by the way, the women are always saving the men around here. You might want to consider changing the name to X-Women!"


Does this get you excited for the new X-Men movie?

We'll all get to see it for ourselves when Dark Phoenix premieres in theaters on June 6, 2019.