Olivia Munn Calls 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' A "Two-Parter"

When it comes to her involvement with 20th Century Fox's next X-Men installment, Olivia Munn has [...]

When it comes to her involvement with 20th Century Fox's next X-Men installment, Olivia Munn has kept her comments vague, but recently the Psylocke actress gave what could be a major clue to the scope of X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Munn has been frequently asked if she is working on the upcoming sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse since a Snapchat post placed her in Montreal where the film was shooting this summer. Munn usually responds with some variation of not being able to answer the question, specifically that she's been told to "be vague" about the film.

However, in a new interview with Collider, Munn remained vague while still providing the most information yet about the film revealing that it felt like a two-part film to her.

"I don't know what I'm supposed to say," Munn said. "I'm supposed to be vague. That's my answer. I'm horrible at this. It's like a two-parter, this movie. That's more than I've said in general. I don't know why people have to be so secretive."

The idea that X-Men: Dark Phoenix is "like a two-parter" shouldn't be a surprise to fans of the X-Men comic books. The film is inspired by "The Dark Phoenix Saga," the most popular X-Men story of all time. The story, which was previously attempted in X-Men: The Last Stand, is sometimes divided into two parts with the "Phoenix Saga" following Jean Grey as she becomes possessed by the Phoenix and leads up to the "Dark Phoenix Saga" which follows the corruption into the Dark Phoenix resulting in a conflict between the X-Men and the Shi'ar Empire with a trial by combat between the two forces on the Blue Area of the Moon determining Jean's fate.

While it's unclear exactly how much of "The Dark Phoenix Saga" will factor into the film -- Jessica Chastain, previously believed to be playing Lilandra, recently revealed that she is not playing the Empress of the Shi'ar Empire -- director Simon Kinberg has previously said that he needed to "find a way to ground [Dark Phoenix] so it's not too intergalactic."

And when it comes to Kinberg, Munn happily opens up. The actress has nothing but praise for the franchise producer who is making his directorial debut with X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

"I love Simon Kinberg," Munn said. "He's such a visionary. We're all so close. Anytime that you're working on a project where everyone hangs out and they're close, it's a breeding ground for great content and a great experience. I think Simon is gonna kill it. He's gonna do such a fantastic job with it."

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is set to open November 2, 2018.

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