'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Not Getting Major Overhaul Despite Reshoot Reports

Earlier today, the Quebecois newspaper La Presse published a report on the Canadian province's [...]

Earlier today, the Quebecois newspaper La Presse published a report on the Canadian province's growing film industry, citing 2018 to be a record year. The report contained information on X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which filmed in Quebec and is returning for reshoots. La Presse quoted Pierre Moreau, the CEO of Quebec's film and television bureau, who revealed the news, supposedly claiming reshoots would take three months.

But Collider's report is saying that's factually inaccurate, according to sources close to the production of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and that reshoots will only be taking place for a few weeks.

Of course, this is a dramatic change in filming, as the timeline of three weeks is more akin to what takes place in Marvel Studios reshoots, which have become standard operating procedure for tentpole films of this magnitude. Three months, however, is basically the same amount of time as principal photography, and this would mean the movie could be undergoing a massive overhaul.

As of now, it sounds like X-Men: Dark Phoenix is still on track for its February release date, and both sources indicate that the reshoots are meant to flesh out and make changes to the film's third act.

Whether they're scrapping the ending entirely or just tweaking it remains to be seen, but so far we have two different statements: one on the record from an official of a non-profit organization that oversees film production in the province, and the other from anonymous sources who are actually involved with the production.

This is just the latest development in the strange production saga of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and the film will likely be shrouded in questions and rumors until the film actually premieres in theaters next year.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently set to debut on Feb. 14, 2019.

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