Rumor: One Upcoming 'X-Men' Film May Use The Skrulls

The Marvel Universe has no shortage of aliens, and it seems one of its most famous races may pop into an upcoming X-Men film. So, if you have not been paying attention to X-Men: Dark Phoenix, then you may want to give the project a once over.

Recently, rumors started making their way around the Internet concerning the Skrulls. The alien race is one of Marvel’s most notorious intergalactic groups, and the MCU plans to use the aliens in Captain Marvel’s solo film in a couple years. However, a report by Universo X-Men claims to have uncovered details about the Skrulls and their inclusion in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

According to current rumors, X-Men: Dark Phoenix may use the Skrulls during one action-packed sequence. The supposed leak says the movie will house a scene at a UN building where Professor Xavier is leading a mutant-focused conversation. The hero will be joined by the likes of Magneto, Cyclops and Jean Grey - but the peaceful accord will not go as planned. The report suggests the UN meeting will be ambushed by an alien attack, and the Skrulls will be the race behind the attack.

Of course, the report should be taken with a heavy dose of salt; 20th Century Fox has not acknowledge any plans to add Skrulls to its X-Men films, and the race’s debut seems like it would set up legal conflicts with Marvel Studios since the latter has already confirmed it will be using the aliens soon enough. However, the issue is not as big as you may think. The director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films explained to fans earlier this year that both Marvel Studios and Fox are well within their rights to use the Skrulls.

“Some specific Skrulls are at Fox,” James Gunn told fans on Twitter. “But the Skrulls as a whole are co-owned.”

As for the rumor’s origin, Universo X-Men did provide several accurate scene descriptions of X-Men: Apocalypse before the film hit theaters, so there are fans willing to consider the report as plausible.


For now, fans can only wonder what the X-Men franchise would look like if Fox did bring the Skrulls into play. Details about X-Men: Dark Phoenix have been kept under-wraps aside from a few casting updates, so if any casting calls go out for green aliens, then fans will know there is something to these reports.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is scheduled to hit theaters November 2, 2018.

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