Marvel HeroClix: X-Men Xavier's School Preview

School is in session, HeroClix fans. WizKids has provided with an exclusive preview [...]

School is in session, HeroClix fans. WizKids has provided with an exclusive preview of three figures from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X-Men Xavier's School HeroClix set.

The Xavier's School set features an array of character from across X-Men history, but it focuses on mutant school life with the Xavier Institute's various headmasters and classes of students. That includes the first class of X-Men.

Which bring us to our first preview, Iceman. This uncommon Iceman figure represents Bobby Drake's early days, and so he gets both the X-Men and All-New X-Men keywords. He has the "X-Men: First Class" trait, which reads: "If this character makes the first attack during a turn and hits, friendly characters with the X-Men keyword modify defense +1 until your next turn."

(Photo: WizKids)

Iceman also has a special attack power, "This'll Slow You Down". The power reads: "Incapacitate. When Iceman uses it, either modify attack +1 or after resolutions, the hit target gains Immobile until your next turn." "Immobile" is a new HeroClix keyword which means "it can't be moved or placed." Combined with Running Shot and Sidestep, Iceman is a mobile threat to your opponent's plans.

Next up is the X-Men's founder. Charles Xavier gets the HeroClix Title Character treatment with the Professor X, Dreamer figure. The figure is 50 points and has the X-Men and New Mutants keywords so that he can lead either class of his students.

(Photo: WizKids)

Professor X, Dreamer's dial include the power Telekinesis, Willpower, Shape Change, Mind Control, Super Senses, and Enhancement. In addition, he has his Title Character abilities. His +1 ability is "Violence is Not the Answer." It reads: "FREE: All friendly characters within range modify defense +1 until your next turn."

His -4 ability is "Freeze Motor Functions". It reads: "Choose an opposing character within range and line of fire. It gains Immobile and modifies its attack -2 until your next turn." His -9 ability is "The Dream of Peaceful Coexistence". It reads: "FREE: For the rest of the game, as long as Professor X, Dreamer is on the map, friendly characters reduce damage taken by an additional 1."

The downside? "When Professor X, Dream is KO'd, opposing characters modify damage +1 for the rest of the game."

Our last preview is of one of the set's chases. The chase theme for the set is Age of Apocalypse, and here we have that universe's version of Cyclops.

(Photo: WizKids)

Cyclops can be played at 100 or 60 points. He has the Age of Apocalypse and Horseman of Apocalypse keywords, and the "Survivor of the Age of Apocalypse...for Now" trait. The trait reads: "When Cyclops is damaged by an opposing character, give that character a Revenge token. When Cyclops attacks a character with one or more tokens named 'Revenge', modify attack and damage +1. When Cyclops is KO'd, you may choose an opposing character with a token named 'Revenge' and remove all of those tokens and roll that many d6's. For each roll, 5-6: Deal that character 1 penetrating damage."

Cyclops also has improved targeting and two special powers. The "Whatever It Takes to Stop You" attack power gives Cyclops "Precision Strike, KNOCKBACK." The damage power "Prelate Summers" gives him "Leadership, Enhancement."

Look for Marvel HeroClix: X-Men Xavier's School in stores in February.