Jessica Chastain Reveals She Was Spanked By A Producer

While Harvey Weinstein is in the headlines for sexual abuse right now, it's important to note that he isn't the only one guilty of this type of behavior.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix actress Jessica Chastain managed to avoid Harvey Weinstein thanks to being informed of him by other actresses, but still ran into the same behavior elsewhere in the industry. Chastain revealed as much at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, as well as why she didn't speak up about it until now (via Yahoo).

“I didn’t want to say something that could be taken the wrong way or offend some person, so for too long, didn’t say anything,” Chastain said. “I was on set with actors who showed up to work intoxicated — and I quietly worked alongside them. I had a second AD [assistant director] beg me for help coaxing an actor into putting his video games down so we could shoot.”

Things didn't stop there either, ad she recalled one moment in particular that she still remembers all too well. “I had a producer spank me as I walked past him in the hallway.” Chastain didn't say anything about the incident “because I was worried that I might be made unhirable", a common thought amongst other women in the same situation.

That all changed later though, as Chastain started standing up for herself and noticed her career was still flourishing.

“I stopped making myself invisible or small, and to my shock and my happiness, my career has not stalled,” Chastain said. She called the sexual abuse “inexcusable”, saying that it needs to stop now.

Specifically, regarding Weinstein, Chastain says "I was warned from the beginning. The stories were everywhere. To deny that is to create an environment for it to happen again."

When someone asked why Weinstein distributed one of her films, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, she said: "Because the director wanted him, even after I spoke against it."

Her co-star on that film, Jess Weixler, had to deal with years of Weinstein's advances, revealing that she went through "several years of Harvey propositioning me." She also said that is "very grateful I was warned" from several other actors with stories of Weinstein's previous actions.

For Chastain, Weixler, and many others, hopefully this results in the major sea change in Hollywood it so desperately needs.