Fan-Favorite A24 Film Now Available To Watch At Home

I Saw the TV Glow finally comes home to rent and buy.

Movie fans can now watch I Saw the TV Glow at home. Jane Schoenbrun's critically-lauded A24 movie is now available on Video on Demand. On Google Play, YouTube and Fandango at Home, I Saw The TV Glow costs $19.99 to rent and $24.99 to buy. There's been no timetable given for a streaming release and with the limited theater availability for the movie, this might be some fans' best chance to see what Schoenbrun had cooking for the follow-up to We're All Going to the World's Fair. When I Saw the TV Glow premiered at multiple film festivals, the Letterboxd crowd couldn't stop raving about the director's latest work. However, A24 opted for a smaller-scale rollout.

Now, viewers hanging out at home can see what all the I Saw the TV Glow hype was about. To give a rough summary without spoiling anything, our protagonist is Owen (Justice Smith), a teenager in 1990's-flavored suburbia. The closest thing he has to a friend in the world is Maggie (Brigette Lundy-Paine). The unlikely due bond over a love of a fictional TV show called The Pink Opaque. But, there's something weird about this show and their lives in this small town. As Owen digs deeper into The Pink Opaque, things get really weird. What is really going on and can our protagonist do what's necessary for the future? (To say anymore would be to give away the game.)


I Saw the TV Glow comes home

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Going Deep With I Saw The TV Glow


I Saw the TV Glow director talks to ComicBook

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A lot of viewers and critics have praised Schoenbrun's examination of nostalgia and visual style with I Saw the TV Glow. ComicBook got the chance to sit down with them and ask about what part of making this movie has been the most fulfilling. Like a lot of filmmakers, seeing all the fans interact with the art has probably been a hoot. But, for Schoenbrun, the writing process and cracking this story might have been the most illuminating part of getting I Saw the TV Glow out into the world.

"I think that the writing process is when I'm really digging. Because my creative process that I've found that works for me is one where the thing that I'm writing is exploring, not so much trying to explain, but almost investigating whatever it is that I'm investigating, or working through, or dealing with in my real life," Schoenbrun told us. "So, for instance, this film was written in the immediate aftermath of beginning transition, as my entire world and everything that I thought of as my home was being called into question while I was also running towards a future that felt exciting to me in a way that I had never done before. The movie is really trying to just, not so much tell you how that feels, but to create an authentic expression from within that experience."


Justice Smith bubbles in I Saw the TV Glow.

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"I think it's usually that part of the process that feels most purely, I don't know that I would say therapeutic, but where I am most deeply engaging with the personal in a way that feels transformative," they add. "When you make a movie, that's just fun. That's just getting to play, hopefully, in a sandbox with a lot of other cool weirdos. Then when you finish a movie, when you edit it, that's like you return to the first part of the process, but it's much more about imagining how to fine-tune this thing so that the people watching it can have the deepest possible experience with it." 

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