Anchorman's Adam McKay To Replace Edgar Wright on Ant-Man

Ant-Man Movie



director Adam McKay is in talks with Marvel Studios to direct Ant-Man for next year, stepping in to fill the void left by Shaun of the Dead's Edgar Wright, who left the project last weekend after more than eight years developing and prepping it. The studio have expressed a determination to hang onto the film's release date, which is July of next year, in spite of the daunting prospect of getting a new director up to speed and getting the film shot and edited by then. Earlier today, McKay's name was among those ostensible in the running for the job but now Variety, one of the most reliable trade magazines in Hollywood, is reporting that it's his to lose. Wright left the project after reportedly being unable to agree with Marvel on a final draft of the shooting script. Marvel supposedly extensively rewrote the film so that the filmmaker decided it was no longer a movie he wanted to make. At the time of the split, Marvel stated that it was an amicable one and that they already had a new director in mind. McKay was reportedly one of a number of candidates to stop into the Marvel offices since.