Armor Wars Star Don Cheadle Reacts to Rumor Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Playing Titanium Man

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger about to join Marvel's Armor Wars as the villain Titanium Man? If so, that's news to Armor Wars star Don Cheadle. Armor Wars has had an interesting development life at Marvel Studios, first beginning as a streaming series on Disney+ before making the transition to a full-length theatrical film. Plot details remain unknown, but if Armor Wars takes inspiration from the Iron Man comic book storyline of the same name, then fans will get to see armored villains such as Titanium Man. While he may be a C or D-list villain, having former Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger play him would catch some eyeballs.

Don Cheadle was asked about the rumor of Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Titanium Man during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "Is it true Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to play Titanium Man?" Jimmy Kimmel asked the Armor Wars star. "I think he is in for Titanium Man," Cheadle jokingly replied, before asking, "Is this a serious question?"

Cheadle next asked, "What is Titanium Man?" with Kimmel stating, "Oh, well that's a bad sign." The pair then shared a joke regarding the naming convention of Marvel characters, like Titanium Man as the "Russian Iron Man," and even an "Aluminum Girl" who is recyclable. 

Why Is Armor Wars a Movie Instead of Streaming Series?

The reason Marvel Studios reportedly decided to change Armor Wars to a movie instead of a TV show is the studio wanted to tell the story "the right way." Meaning, the storyline for Armor Wars grew to the point where it made more sense to build it as a theatrical movie instead of a 6-8 episode event series on Disney+.

"If you know anything about the lore, and you've read the comic books, you understand that it's a series that was built around Tony's Stark Tech getting out and Rhodey taking it on to go get this tech back from the bad hands, the bad actors whose hands it is in," Cheadle previously told at D23 Expo. "And as Marvel does, it's also an opportunity to take the mythology and tip it on its head a little bit and come up with different ways to tell the story, so it's doing that and has done that in spades."  


THR noted that the change from a series to a movie will push Armor Wars further back in the development slate for Marvel Studios. At this point, it's now unclear where the film will land on Marvel's schedule, but the studio has previously set release dates well beyond its Phase Six block of movies with untitled movies scheduled for 2026 and beyond.