'Batman' Director Matt Reeves' Production Company Signs First Look Deal With Netflix

The man behind the next big Batman adventure is taking his talents, and his production company, to the streaming halls of Netflix.

On Friday, a new report from Deadline revealed that Matt Reeves and his production company, 6th & Idaho, have signed a first look deal with Netflix. This allows Netflix to have the first access to any feature films that Reeves produces or directs through his company.

Before you even ask, NO, this doesn't mean The Batman will have anything to do with Netflix. Reeves was hired to write and direct the film by Warner Bros. and it will be produced through that studio, the same as every other DC Comics property. Netflix only has the exclusive look at films produced through 6th & Idaho.

Even without Batman or Planet of the Apes coming with the deal, this is still a massive step forward for Netflix. The company has been moving toward becoming a legitimate threat in the world of feature films and it's pouring a lot of time and effort into that objective. As you probably know, Netflix recently dropped around $100 million on Bright, it's first true blockbuster. The studio doubled down on that franchise by ordering a sequel earlier this week.

With an A-list director like Reeves striking a deal, Netflix is one step closer to going toe-to-toe with the bigger studios out there.