Batman Vs. Superman Script Leaks Online...Sort Of

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There is a ton of excitement about the upcoming Man Of Steel follow-up, which will likely be called either Batman Vs. Superman or Superman Vs. Batman according to comments made by writer David S. Goyer at San Diego Comic-Con. Now, a script for Batman Vs. Superman has been leaked online...sort of. It's not the script for the upcoming 2015 Batman and Superman movie, which is being written by David S. Goyer. No, it's a script for Batman Vs. Superman Asylum, which was a movie Warner Bros. was considering to reboot Batman way back in 2002. It's written by Andrew Kevin Walker. unearthed the script, which can be read on Even though the film never got made, it's an interesting read, especially the ending. On the final page, Batman asks Superman, "So, you want to get a beer?" To which Superman answers, "Maybe a soda or something." And Batman snaps back, "Oh my God, what is with you?" We can totally hear Ben Affleck delivering that last line.