Batman Vs. Terminator Fan Trailer Imagines Epic Battle

The Dark Knight has finally met his match in a new fan trailer, cleverly splicing together footage from several movies to create a Batman vs Terminator storyline. YouTuber Billy Crammer is the mind behind the video which pieces sequences from The Dark Knight Trilogy, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and Terminator Salvation to build out the narrative in a pretty coherent manner! As you may recall, Christian Bale starred in both Christopher Nolan's Batman series as well as 2009's Terminator Salvation, making for a perfect opportunity to blend footage from the movies together to make it all work. Watch it yourself below!

In the context of the concept trailer, crime in Gotham City is at an all time high and Bruce can't keep up with it all as the Batman. His solution? Create Skynet and The Terminators to police Gotham (it's unclear if his version is as lethal as the computer program and androids are in their own series). Naturally a Terminator from the future comes back in time to stop him, which leads to the titular Batman vs Terminator showdown. It's wild, and frankly it works.

So what's the likelihood of something like this happening? It's nearly impossible to imagine. Terminator: Dark Fate, though received well enough by fans of the franchise, was a box office bomb and seemingly put the entire franchise on ice. Not to mention that Terminator is currently held by SkyDance Media (whose films come out through Paramount Pictures) and Batman is very much at Warner Bros.

There's also the matter of the complicated future of the rights to the Terminator films, as producer Gale Ann Hurd has filed for a copyright termination notice (not unlike the ongoing Friday the 13th legal battle) which could see the rights be controlled exclusively by her and writer/director James Cameron. Should that happen....maybe WB could get the rights and produce new movies, but crossovers seem out of the question. For now this story will have to live in our hearts and minds in the above video.


The really unbelievable thing is that a Batman versus Terminator storyline never took place in the pages of a comic book crossover between DC and Dark Horse Comics. In the past Batman has crossed over with The Spirit, Tarzan, Hellboy, Spawn, Judge Dredd, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, plus Marvel's Daredevil and Spider-Man, and even Aliens and the Predator. As some readers may know, Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator took place at one time as well so it's frankly a shocker that they didn't throw The Batman in there for good measure.