Bloodshot: Vin Diesel Reveals Why He Took Valiant Comics Character Role

Vin Diesel will bring Valiant's Bloodshot to the big screen, and the actor recently explained why [...]

Vin Diesel will bring Valiant's Bloodshot to the big screen, and the actor recently explained why he decided to lead the Valiant movie universe charge.

Diesel will be playing the role of Bloodshot in Valiant's first feature film, which will come to life thanks to director Dave Wilson, writer Eric Heisserer, and producers Neal Moritz, Toby Jaffe, and Dinesh Shamdasani. Rukari Austin sat down with Diesel and Shamdasani, where Diesel explained why he decided to take the part.

"Well first of all it was a New York Times bestseller, and there's something interesting about how the character doesn't abandon his humanity," Diesel said. "It's not heightened reality, it's based in reality. It deals with issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. The script was one of the most interesting scripts I've ever read. It plays with your mind in a way you can't...that you don't normally see in movies. It's so complex. It's so well written and so well developed."

As for why Diesel was perfect for the role, Shamdasani says it had a lot to do with his relatability and the ability to show humanity in extreme circumstances.

"It's exactly what Vin's talking about," Shamdasani said. "The reason Bloodshot's been so popular and so successful is that he isn't an extraordinary human being who becomes a superhero. He's an ordinary guy that through extraordinary situations becomes this larger than life character, and the thing that's amazing about Vin is that even though you and I sitting here next to him and he's a monster and he's got the 'it' quality, on screen he has this amazing ability that you can watch him and say 'man, I could be Vin. I could be that guy' because he feels like us. And so that's what really works with Bloodshot. You emote with him before he becomes Bloodshot."

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Bloodshot hits theaters in early 2020.