Cate Blanchett Has Interesting Answer About Being in Thor: Ragnarok

(Photo: ABC)

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Cate Blanchett talked about her recent acting career, but she talked about the future as well. The persistent rumor that she'll join the cast of Thor: Ragnarok has been the topic of conversation for Blanchett lately, and Kimmel asked about it as well, point blank asking her if she'll be in the movie.

"Yes, Chris Hemsworth is busy, so I've been working out," she said with a smile. Kimmel pushed further, asking if it was "confirmation, or are you dodging the question?"

"No, I'm not dodging the question!" she emphatically dismissed. "They're just substituting one Australian for another. Gender equality! Why can't you have a female Thor?" she added.

She said she's like to play a superhero, though (you know, like nearly every actor in Hollywood), in a more serious manner.

Of course, in the pages of Thor, currently, the God of Thunder is a woman. Jane Foster was deemed worthy of the power of Thor, lifting Mjolnir and transforming into a thunder-and-lightning wielding goddess. So anything's possible.

She stopped short of definitively saying "yes" or "no," though, and Marvel Studios thus far hasn't released any confirmation of her casting or talks.