Chadwick Boseman Wasn't Snubbed At The Oscars According to Family

Chadwick Boseman's family says that he wasn't snubbed at The Oscars this year. The report comes from TMZ who contacted the superstar's brother after the controversial ending to the awards show. Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor during the final moments of the night and that decision sent social media into chaos. But, Derrick Boseman says that their family isn't upset and wishes Hopkins the best. He told the publication that "every nominated actor was excellent and deserving of the award." He also told TMZ that the family is wishing Hopkins well because that's what his brother would have done. "I'm sure [Anthony] would if Chad won," Boseman argued. Still, a lot of people had a lot of opinions about how The Academy got this one wrong. A calculated bet on the beloved star in the final slot of the night went about as wrong as it possibly could have gone.

When it came time for an explanation, Rob Mills, the executive VP of unscripted and alternative entertainment at Walt Disney Television had to sit down with Variety to hash this all out.

"It wasn't just the final categories, the whole show was mixed up," Mills began. "Screenplay, that usually comes in Act 5 or 6, one of the later acts. And Best Director was also very early. I think the point was, sometimes you watch the show and you feel like, 'Gosh, I've seen this every year.' So, it really was the 'Wow, I really don't know what's coming next.'"

"It was not meant to end on somebody who was not present. It was a calculated risk, that I think still paid off because everybody was talking about it. Similarly, nobody wants the wrong envelope to happen, like it did three years ago," Mills added with pointing toward the famous La La Land/Moonlight mixup, "but everyone was talking about it. I think some people thought maybe they missed some awards. 'Why is Best Picture early?' or, 'What's happening, this is crazy,' almost like, 'How can this possibly happen? Best Picture has to end it!' Some people were upset, some people loved it and that was really the point that there was no apathy."

You can watch Boseman's final performance in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom with Viola Davis on Netflix right now.


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