Chris Evans Shares His Worst Audition Horror Story

Chris Evans shared his worst audition horror story. The Captain Americastar is basically a household name at this point, but he wasn't always so famous. Back in 2009, he tried to audition for Seth Rogan's Observe and Report. Now, he told Backstage that the experience was easily the worst experience he's ever had in that spot. Getting nervous as a performer is natural, but actors have to be able to conquer that on the spot. For Evans, in that moment, the anxiety got the better of him. Now, of course he would go on to nail that Marvel Studios audition and become one of the most recognizable actors on the planet, but that was an experience that could have really take its toll on the Cap star. Fortunately, it's now a story he can tell as a cautionary tale in a career filled with success.

"I walked in the room, and there were Seth and the director and a producer," Evans explained. "For some reason, my brain just started shrieking, just screaming, 'No, no, no.' I began my audition, and about three lines in, I got this wave of sweats and my face went red. Mid-audition, I said, 'I'm sorry, guys. I'm sorry. I've got to stop.'"

"I go into the hallway, I collect my thoughts. I'm laughing at myself," he continued. "Go back in, we start up again, and it f*cking happens again. My face just goes so red. I start sweating and I have to stop again."

"They got me back in a couple of days later and I'm back in," Evans added. "Don't you f*cking know, it happened again! There's a wave of heat and sweat and I had to stop again. And I just say, 'Guys, I'm so sorry…I'm just going to go.' I did not get that role."

Man of Steel star Henry Cavill shared a similar story recently. It just goes to show, even superheroes fall short sometimes.


"We met many years ago, I believe it was 2003," Cavill told Patrick Stewart in Variety. "You were casting for The Lion in Winter and I had been acting for three years at that stage. My first job was The Count of Monte Cristo when I was 17 years old. I left school one year early. I was extremely nervous to audition in front of an actor of your caliber. I went in to the audition and I had spent weeks learning my lines. By the time I had gotten in there, I had whipped myself into such a frenzy that I completely flubbed the audition."

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