Clue Is Getting A Remake

CLUE Remake

20th Century Fox is in the mystery solving business now, as the studio has joined up with Hasbro to produce the new reboot of CLUE.

The film was originally in the care of Universal, but in 2011 they decided to halt development on the project. At the time, Universal had a six-year exclusive agreement with Hasbro. Now the film has moved over to FOX, with Josh Feldman producing (Hasbro Studios) and Ryan Jones Executive Producer. Darla Cercek will be overseeing for the studio.

According to Tracking Board, there are rumblings of the film moving outside of just the manor and expanding to a global adventure, but nothing is official at this time. In addition to CLUE, Hasbro has multiple new film properties in the works, including Monopoly, Risk, and Candy Land, which will accompany their already enormously successful Transformers brand. Hasbro is developing a new G.I. Joe sequel as well.

The original Jonathan Lynn Directed 1985 film remains a beloved classic and featured stars like Tim Curry, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Mull, Madeline Kahn, Eileen Brennan, and Christopher Lloyd. No word yet on who would be cast in the remake, but Hollywood has a plethora of comedic actors who could make the project one worth watching.


The game the film is based on continues to be a mainstay on tabletops everywhere and Hasbro has based several versions off of popular shows and properties, including Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, and Doctor Who.