Corey Feldman On Goonies Sequel: "If They Write It, I Will Come"


Over the weekend, Superman: The Movie and The Goonies director Richard Donner confirmed years-old rumors that a sequel to Goonies is, indeed, in development at Warner Bros. He also said that he hopes to get the original cast back, including Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Martha Plimpton and Corey Feldman. Gathering the cast together again might be somewhat of a challenge, since Brolin and Astin in particular are pretty in-demand, but depending on the lure of the sequel, it could happen.


Feldman, meanwhile, shared with his Twitter followers yesterday that Donner had already told him that a sequel was in the works. Feldman said he would do the movie but wanted a perfect script first that retained the magic of the original. When TMZ -- the same site that originally broke the story talking to Donner -- ran that Feldman was waffling on the film, though, he bounced back earlier today with a clarification that with writer Chris Columbus, Donner and producer Steven Spielberg attached, he felt that magical script was a foregone conclusion, and that his only question had been whether Donner and company were making actually completing the script a priority, since he too has heard years of rumors. Nevertheless, he said, he trusts Donner and if the director says it's imminent, then he's ready. "If they write it, I will come," he said. You can check out his tweets below; it's clear he's excited about the prospect (and about being able to finally discuss it publicly), as he's retweeting just about every fan who shows support. We've edited those out, obviously, so that these are just Feldman's own words.