Creepy Home Alone Deep Fake With Sylvester Stallone Rewrites the Christmas Classic

Even though the Christmas season in the rear view mirror, the internet is still awash with memes and funny videos tied to the holidays. One of these that is perhaps more disturbing that outright hilarious is the new DeepFake video by "Ctrl Shift Face" titled Home Stallone. In the video, Macaulay Culkin's Kevin McCallister is transformed into a very different version of the character as Rocky himself Sylvester Stallone has his face cropped onto the child actor's body. Check out the video in the player above.

The video makes a few more changes to the content of Home Alone beyond Kevin's face and voice (provided by a vocal double in the video). A brief moment featuring all of the McCallister kids in a photo reveals all of them have Stallone's face pasted onto their heads as well. In addition, the family's plane ride ends more in line with the Final Destination franchise than Home Alone, as a result, the Wet Bandits sadly do not make an appearance and aren't thwarted by the tine Stallone.

Originally produced and released by 20th Century Fox, the Home Alone franchise is now a staple under the Disney brand. The conglomerate recently unveiled plans to reboot the franchise, with Archie Yates (Jojo Rabbit) cast in the lead role while The Office alum Ellie Kemper and Deadpool 2 star Rob Delaney will star opposite him. It's expected that this film will be an all-new take on the story and characters with Yates not taking on the role of Kevin McCallister — rather, he'll be an all-new character created for the reboot. The premise is expected to remain similar to the first two movies in the franchise and will be original to the company's new streaming service, Disney+.

Dan Mazer (Borat) is currently on board the direct the movie from a script by SNL comedians Mikey Day and Street Seidell. The movie is being produced by Hutch Parker and Dan Wilson and is the first movie under the 20th Century Fox banner to be pushed into active development for Disney+.

It's unclear when the movie will begin filming or when Fox expects to release it online but the first three Home Alone movies are now streaming on Disney+.