Daily Distraction For September 17, 2020

The Daily Distraction is hosted by Chris Killian, delivering the most entertaining daily news show. Killian tried to hide his excitement over all of the PlayStation 5 announcements to get on camera long enough to talk with the ComicBook.com audience across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube with today's episode, September 15. The Daily Distraction rounds up the biggest news of the past 24 hours, bringing the biggest headlines from ComicBook.com to one place with a unique spin.

Below is a round up of the headlines featured in Daily Distraction.

  • PS5 Price & Date
    • "PlayStation has officially revealed the PS5 release date. After months and months and months of painfully waiting, PlayStation fans finally know when they will be able to begin enjoying next-gen gaming on the PS4's successor. Barring any unexpected delay, Sony's PS5 will release on November 12 and cost $400 and $500. The latter price point will be for the console with a disc-drive, while the former will be the all-digital version without a disc-drive. That said, beyond this one difference, both consoles are exactly the same." -Tyler Fischer
  • WandaVision Confirmed for 2020
    • "The immediate future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains in flux in the wake of the pandemic, and folks aren't really sure when they will get to see Black Widow, or any of the upcoming TV projects. After all, Black Widow and Falcon and the Winter Soldier were supposed to have been out already. Everything remains up in the air, but we now know that WandaVision will at least be making its debut this year. The Disney+ series, that takes place within the MCU, remains on schedule for a 2020 arrival, according to a press release from Disney+." -Charlie Ridgely
  • The Flash Production 2021
    • "When it comes to movie projects, The Flash may be one of the most highly anticipated. Sure, no one is discounting the excitement for Matt Reeve's The Batman, but the Ezra Miller-starring The Flash has fans pretty hyped as well as the film is set to see not only the return of Michael Keaton to the role of Batman, but Ben Affleck back as Batman as well in a film that is set to establish the multiverse within the DCEU. While fans do have quite some time to wait before they get to see how this all comes together in theaters -- the film isn't set to come out until 2022 -- now know when The Flash is looking to start production: March 2021." -Nicole Drum

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