Deadpool 3 Was Halfway Finished Filming Before Shutdown

Deadpool 3 is currently slated to be released on May 3, 2024.

Marvel Studios is getting ready to release a slew of films set in their Phase 5 lineup of movies, and among that list are films like Thunderbolts, Blade, and even Deadpool 3. Deadpool 3 is set to see the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and he will even be wearing the character's iconic costume for the first time. Several other actors are rumored to appear in the film, like Halle Berry and even Patrick Stewart, and the film was still filming before the actor's strike went into effect. Director Shawn Levy recently spoke with Deadline, revealing they were halfway finished filming Deadpool 3 before the SAG-Aftra strike took effect.

"Well, like the rest of our industry, or at least large swaths of it, we are paused. We were halfway through filming Deadpool, co-starring Wolverine. It was a joy every day, and that chemistry is, I have to say, spoiler alert, it is as relentlessly awesome as we had all hoped it would be," Levy revealed. "But we are halfway through filming, we shut down, our crew and the rest of us are awaiting a fair and equitable deal that ends these strikes and puts our industry and certainly inclusive of our movie back at work."

"I would say this when making Deadpool, again I spoke about this earlier, I only know how to make something that I loved. And so long before I loved Ryan Reynolds, I loved Deadpool. I love Deadpool. Deadpool 1 is to me like a perfect movie. And so I was not going to mess with the DNA of that franchise. Our movie is raw, audacious, very much R-rated. We went to great lengths to not shoot it on soundstages with digital environments. The internet has proven that by revealing pictures of our shoot, thank you internet. But no, we wanted something that felt grounded, real. But you put Hugh Jackman in his most iconic character alongside Ryan Reynolds in his most iconic character, I would say it's more a descendant of Midnight Run and 48 Hours and Planes Trains and Automobiles, than it is a descendant of Airplane." The Deadpool 3 director added.

Who will appear in Deadpool 3?

Deadpool 3 is set to see the returns of franchise alumni Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Stefan Kapičić as Colossus, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Karan Soni as Dopinder, and Leslie Uggams as Blind Al. Joining the third Deadpool movie are Matthew Macfadyen (Succession) and Emma Corrin (The Crown) in undisclosed roles. Garner, who previously played Elektra in Daredevil (2003), is also set to return for the first time since starring in the Electra solo film. Ben Affleck is also rumored to return as Daredevil, hinting that the film could be a sendoff for the old Fox universe of films, including 2005's Fantastic Four and the X-Men movies. Jackman also recently revealed that the events of the upcoming film takes place before Logan, suggesting that Deadpool and Wolverine are both the same characters we know and love.

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