Deadpool’s Funko Pop Exclusives Start Now

With Deadpool 2 now in theaters, Funko is following up on their standard lineup of Deadpool merch [...]


With Deadpool 2 now in theaters, Funko is following up on their standard lineup of Deadpool merch with a new wave of Pop figure exclusives. The very first figures in the lineup have started to trickle out, and if you want to add them to your collection, here's what you need to know...

Let's start with figures that you can get now. The Funko Pop Marvel King Deadpool figure is available to order right here from FYE. He comes complete with a robe, crown, and cheeseburger (naturally). BoxLunch is also planning on releasing their Cheerleader Deadpool figure tonight, May 28th - 29th between 12am and 1am EST. BoxLunch has been consistently releasing their exclusive Funko Pops at this late hour recently, and they've all sold out in a heartbeat. That having been said, if you want one, you might want to consider staying up to grab it. Keep tabs on the BoxLunch homepage and Deadpool page to secure one of the figures when it goes live.

Outside of those two figures, the only other figure that has a product page up and running is the Funko Pop Marvel Samurai Deadpool exclusive from GameStop. The page shows a released date of June 9th, so keep tabs on this link in the coming days because there is a chance that they could launch a pre-order window for it.

We also expect that the remainder of the exclusive Deadpool Funko Pop lineup will be made available in the coming days. This includes the Deadpool with Chimichanga POP figure, which is a 7-Eleven exclusive that may or may not already be available in stores.

Furthermore, the Amazon exclusive Chicken Suit Deadpool Pop figure should be available here when it launches. The Target exclusive Mermaid Deadpool figure should be available here in two different flavors. Barnes & Noble will get a Wizard Deadpool figure that you should be able to find here. Finally, look for Pandapool at Hot Topic in both standard and flocked chase versions.


In related news, Funko recently released several new items in their Deadpool lineup, with the Marvel Deadpool vs Cable diorama leading the charge. The figure is from Funko's Comic Moments line not their Movie Moments line, so they are referencing the comics, not Deadpool 2 here - but still. If they do end up making a version for Deadpool 2 (and they surely will), it probably won't be wildly different. You can pre-order one for your collection right here for $26.99.

In addition to the Deadpool vs Cable Comic Moments figure, Funko also released several new Deadpool keychain styles and two Deadpool Pop t-shirts - Maximum Effort and Bubble Bath. You can shop the entire Deadpool Funko lineup right here sorted by new additions.

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