Disney+ Won't Include 'Song Of The South' And Will Edit Original 'Dumbo'

When Disney+ launches later this year, it won't include two of the company's most racially-charged pieces of content. A new report from Boardwalk Times suggests the new streaming platform will launch without Song of the South in addition to featuring an edited version of the original Dumbo.

At one point, it had been announced that the entire Disney vault would be, at one point or another, added to the streaming service for consumption, instantly prompting to fans to ask whether Song of the South would be added. For the uninitiated, the movie features a character named Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) who finds pleasure in working on his grandmother's plantation. While there, the movie makes light of slavery as the workers find joy working on the plantation.

The Dumbo scene in question is the controversial scene featuring the Jim Crow character. Based upon the Jim Crow laws of the era, which allowed continued segregation until the mid-1960s, the Dumbo character can even be seen walking and making the same poses as the racist Jim Crow theater caricature.

As the report mentions, representatives from the Walt Disney Company weren't able to comment on the report, though the move is completely warranted and understandable.

Due out November 12th, Disney+ is will initially be offered at $6.99 per month. Upon launch, the new platform will include all of Disney's classic animated movies such as Bambi to Snow White and everything in between. Also at launch, fans can expect an episode or two of Lucasfilms' The Mandalorian to drop.


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