Disney World Reopens Pirates of the Caribbean With New Auction Scene

pirates of the caribbean new auction
(Photo: Disney Parks)

Renovations are officially complete and Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribben ride has finally reopened with its newly-altered sequence.

Over the last few years, park-goers have complained about one scene in the Pirates ride where a man auctions off a group of women as brides, selling them to the highest bidder. Many believed this to be misogynistic and inappropriate, causing Disney to announce that the parks would be removing the scene from the ride, replacing it with something new.

The ride in California's Disneyland is set to begin renovations to fix the sequence on April 23. Over at Walt Disney World in Orlando, the changes have already been made.

Disney Parks announced on Monday that Pirates of the Caribbean had officially been reopened. The scene that once included the auctioning off of women is now an auction of riches. The redheaded bride that used to stand at the forefront of the sequence has transitioned from property to auctioneer. As you can see in the photo above, the woman is selling off various treasures to those in attendance.

While this scene has sparked plenty of controversy, it's not the only time Pirates of the Caribbean has changed over the years. If you recall, multiple characters have been added to the ride, most notably Johnny Depp's take on Captain Jack Sparrow after the release of the movies.


The auction scene has already been removed in Disneyland Paris and is set to be taken out of the ride in California's Disneyland next month. Renovations on that specific ride are set to be finished on June 7, just before the summer park season.