Don't Look Up is the #2 Netflix Movie of All Time

Despite a drastic drop off in week-to-week viewership, the new Netflix original movie Don't Look Up has climbed the charts at the streamer and has officially become the #2 movie of all time on the service. Netflix has released their updated ratings listings on their Top 10 website, confirming that in its third week Don't Look Up was watched 58.2 million hours bringing its total hours watched in its first 17 days of release to 321.5 million hours streamed. The only other title with more viewership in its first 28 days is the 2021 comedy-action film Red Notice which has 364 million hours streamed in its first 28 days.

Though Don't Look Up's hours streamed remain impressive, there was a drastic drop off from its second to third week. In the first week the film was available, which only covered its first four days of release, the film was streamed 111 million hours worldwide. In the second week of its release the film went up and was streamed over 152.2 million hours, meaning its week 3 numbers were a 60% drop off from week 2. All things considered this is expected as the film's huge numbers from its first two weeks could be attributed to viewers being off work for the holidays and needing something to watch while now audiences have returned to work for the most part.

All things considered though there are eleven days left for Don't Look Up's "First 28 Days" metrics to eclipse Red Notice, which would be a pretty major thing for it to do since the Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson-starring film was huge for Netflix immediately after it premiered.

The complete list of Top 10 (English-speaking) films on Netflix all-time are:

  1. Red Notice – 364,020,000 hours streamed in first 28 days
  2. Don't Look Up – 321,520,000 hours streamed in first 28 days
  3. Bird Box – 282,020,000 hours streamed in first 28 days
  4. Extraction – 231,340,000 hours streamed in first 28 days
  5. The Unforgivable – 214,690,000 hours streamed in first 28 days
  6. The Irishman – 214,570,000 hours streamed in first 28 days
  7. The Kissing Booth 2 – 209,250,000 hours streamed in first 28 days
  8. 6 Underground – 205,470,000 hours streamed in first 28 days
  9. Spenser Confidential – 197,320,000 hours streamed in first 28 days
  10. Enola Holmes – 189,900,000 hours streamed in first 28 days

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence lead the ensemble which also includes several other Academy Award winners and nominees including Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Mark Rylance, Jonah Hill,  Timothée Chalamet, plus Ron Perlman,  Ariana Grande, Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi), Himesh Patel, Melanie Lynskey, Tyler Perry, Michael Chiklis and Tomer Sisley.