Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Sets Ryan Reynolds Straight On Playing Hawkman In Black Adam

Earlier today Ryan Reynolds issued a rumor denial in only the way that he could. The actor addressed the recent rumors that he was being sought for the role of Hawkman in Black Adam and was also attached fo Zack Snyder's Justice League in some form, denying both of them, but with a cheeky nod toward Black Adam himself, Dwayne Johnson. Now Johnson himself has responded to Reynolds claim, telling him (with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek) that he IS in fact in the Black Adam movie in addition to a few other things (like being Kevin Hart's dad).

"You ARE playing Hawkman and that’s that," Johnson tweeted in jest. "You’re also Deadpool, Green Lantern (when you want because you own the intellectual property), you’re in the Zack Snyder JL movie and you’re also @KevinHart4real’s dad. Like in real life, as per your blood test."

It seems very likely that casting on the Hawkman role will be confirmed at some point in the not-too-distant future. Pre-production on the film is still underway with a recent report revealing that To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before breakout Noah Centineo has been tapped to take on the role of Atom-Smasher for the film. Centineo's character will seemingly be part of the Justice Society, which will appear in the film and whose membership also includes Hawkman. Rest assured Reynolds will not be wearing the wings and helmet for the film.

Reynolds and Johnson will collaborate on the upcoming Netflix original feature film Red Notice. Production on that movie was paused back in March and is scheduled to restart this year, ahead of filming on Hawkman.


It's unclear when production on Black Adam will begin but a few weeks ago it was revealed that cameras are expected to role on it in 2021. Black Adam currently has a release date of December 22, 2021. It's unclear if the delay in production will bump that release date back at all.

Though he won't be returning to the World of DC anytime soon, or perhaps ever, Reynolds can next be seen on the big screen (in theory) is the 20th Century Fox release Free Guy. Coincidentally in that film he'll be reunited with his Green Lantern co-star Taika Waititi. The action-comedy is scheduled to arrive in theaters on December 11, 2020, though it's unclear if the film will be delayed further by the coronavirus pandemic.