Fast X Star Teases Surprise Ending

Fast X is being released in theaters this year, and it's expected to be the penultimate film of the Fast Saga. The movie is set to see the return of many fan-favorite actors from the franchise in addition to some exciting newcomers such as Jason Momoa and Brie Larson. With only one more installment to follow, Fast X is bound to set up a huge and epic finale. In fact, longtime franchise star Michelle Rodriguez recently teased a surprise ending in Fast X

"I think people are gonna be really, really surprised and we're gonna get a lot of open mouths at the end of Fast X. Let's just put it that way. It's gonna be like, 'Really? What?' Like that! Like that's how I was in theater. I was like, 'Oh my god. What have we done?,'" Rodrigez told Collider

What Has Michelle Rodriguez Said About the Fast X Cast?

Recently, Rodriguez attended the Fast X trailer launch event and talked to ET about the many stars who have appeared in the franchise and shared her thoughts on Momoa's character.

"Oh, hell yeah," Rodriguez said of Momoa's new villainous character. "He's a playful one, that one. He can be malicious, but he can be playful. So, it's really exciting to watch. It's like a new, fresh energy." She added, "There's something charming about him ... He does everything with a smirk, and there's something really cute about that." She joked, "Maybe it's just that he's hot ... Maybe I'm just thrown off because he's so hot."

She added of the franchise's stacked cast, "How many Oscar winners do we have? Four -- four for Christ's sake! You got Brie, you got Charlize [Theron], you got Rita [Moreno], and of course, I mean the goddess," Rodriguez added. "I mean have you ever seen -- I'm not going to mention that movie but like, Helen Mirren is -- [I] just love her."

What Has Michelle Rodriguez Said About the Fast X Director?

Fast X's production hit a snag early on when director Justin Lin left the project due to a reported "major disagreement" with franchise star Vin Diesel. Lin ended up being replaced by Louis Leterrier who is best known for helming The Incredible Hulk (2008) and Now You See Me (2013). Rodriguez spoke to Collider at San Diego Comic-Con last year and talked about Leterrier joining the franchise. 

"He came with all this energy of love," Rodriguez shared. "We haven't had that in Fast and Furious for a very long time where we get somebody excited who's a real fan and who really wants to take it places that it hasn't gone before. We've been at it for 20 years, bro. After all that time, you get jaded and kind of forget what you do it for [until] a director like Louis comes in and reminds you, 'This is beautiful. Let's go make magic.' We're so lucky to have him bro."

Fast X speeds into theaters on May 19th.