First The Matrix Resurrections Clip Answers Big Questions About Franchise

A fresh new clip from The Matrix Resurrections has been released online by Warner Bros. Pictures, introduced to the world at The Game Awards by none other than franchise stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, and with it some fresh hints about the sequel and some revelations about the new sequel in the series. As you may recall, 2003's The Matrix Revolutions ended with the death of both of Neo and Trinity, plus a fresh reboot for the Matrix itself, so how are they around again? Why isn't Laurence Fishburne playing Morpheus? What the heck is going on? We may not have the answer sto those questions but this new clips does offer insight into some things. Let's dissect below after you've watched it.

For starters, this version of The Matrix is clearly more influenced by our own modern day as video phones keep those jacked into the Matrix from realizing the truth, not to mention how landline phones have fallen out of favor. The clip addresses that not only do they not need to run to phonebooths to use landlines to get in and out of the Matrix but they can also teleport across great distances using portals. Jessica Henwick's Bugs even notes that after they travel through a portal they're now in Tokyo, marking the first time that a specific location has been mentioned from within The Matrix (previously the big city in The Matrix was just...the city).

The clip also reveals an interesting new change made to how the hackers who are operating within The Matrix communicate with their Operators. In the original films the Operators were their eyes and ears from the outside, communicating via phones but the above clip shows that Toby Onwumere's Zeke appears within The Matrix itself. He bounces around from place to place so it stands to reason that he's not actually present and perhaps only visible to those on his team as an avatar.

Finally the clip concludes with the most meta possible moment as Neo and Bugs enter a new room, reuniting with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's Morpheus while clips from the original The Matrix movie play on the wall behind them.

"Set and setting," Morpheus says. "It's all about set and setting....Nothing comforts anxiety like a little nostalgia."

Directed by series co-creator Lana WachowskiThe Matrix Resurrections opens in theaters and debuts on HBO Max on December 22nd.